Unlock Yourself 🗝️and Love your Life💖!

Unlock Yourself 🗝️and Love your Life💖!


Hello Fabulous Creatures!

Have any of you been experiencing what I went through in January: feeling more busy than productive; feeling stuck on an endless loop of ‘same ole same ole’; working hard and getting nowhere while everyone else on social media seemed to have their shit together and living their dream life?

Listen, I know social media is an illusion. That’s why I took that screen time back and used it elsewhere to get off the hamster wheel. Are you ready to do that too?

See, whenever I don’t know what to do, I know it’s time to learn something instead, either by reading or taking a class. I did both.

Last month I signed up for the Hay House “Heal Your Life” Summit and absorbed over 30 different motivational and spiritual speakers, (a fews being doctors of neuroscience) which lasted seven days. I had so many AHA Moments during that Summit, it was astounding. Not only did I learn more tips and tools to get unstuck, but I also got to hear the science of how the brain works and WHY these tips and tools work. I learned so much, I simply can’t put it all in one post.

Now the Summit was only a week. The rest of the month I was reading books on creating new habits with behavior modification.  There were three magnificent books I want to share with you, because they not only validated everything I heard during the Summit, but it was all good coaching advice. All useful to get moving toward that dream life.

Book 1: The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins

Her method of high fiving yourself in the mirror wasn’t something I thought would work. Honestly, I felt silly doing it the first few times. But it works. Why? Essentially, seeing yourself in the mirror sends a signal to your brain that someone is talking to you.  By giving yourself a high five and saying something like “you’ve got this!” allows your mind to see your reflection as if you are another person. Then your brain says, “that person supports me, is cheering for me and cares.” It helps with self-confidence, low self-esteem, and self-trust. This exercise only takes 5 seconds a day and helps rewire your brain to take full responsibility for yourself. Most importantly, it rewires your brain to have your own back.

Book 2: Creativity Unleashed by Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

If you follow along with the book and do the funwork, this author helps motivate your inner artist to come out and play. She touches on the dire importance of play time. Being free to express yourself in a creative way is also very helpful to the brain function, mind, and spirit. She provides many examples proving her methods work. It was a wonderful read and helped me find my inner child again to get back to uninhibited creating again.

⭐️Book 3: Around the WRITER’S BLOCK by Rosanne Bane

My favorite of all three! This book blew me away both with its ease of explanation and its ability to back up the system with neuroscience. But before I go into more, can I tell you about my woo-woo moment that led me to this book?

I was having a particularly bad writing day. I sat down that morning at 9 am, but by 12:30 not one word was edited or written. I’d let so many interruptions happen that I got nothing done. In my frustration, I made myself get quiet, and a voice in my head said, “Just go read.” The vision that came was of the cover of a book I bought a long time ago called “Save the Cat Writes a Novel” but I hadn’t read it yet. Still haven’t. Because when I searched my office bookshelves for it, sitting next to it was Rosanne Bane’s book on Writer’s Block. The weird thing is, I don’t remember ever buying the Writer’s Block book! Yet there it was, and I got goose bumps when I saw the title. I read the first page and felt like the author knew exactly what I needed and since I’ve been using her method, I’ve made huge progress. This book came to me when I needed it the most.

You don’t have to be a writer to use Bane’s methods. She breaks it down into needing three main habits: Process, Product Time, and Self Care. Master these three habits in 15-minute increments consistently and your busy and creative world will align!

“Process” is the label for having fun for fun’s sake. (Not on a phone or computer though!) But doing something fun for no intention other than to feel joy. Coloring, painting, drawing, dancing, writing for fun, listening to music, singing, reading, doing something with friends. This activity allows the cortex to take over from the limbic system which has us stressed out and anxious. With only 15 dedicated minutes a day to having fun, we can rewire ourselves back into creativity and flow. Of course, you can do more than 15 minutes and that is highly encouraged. The point is to show up in a routine for it. Making time for relaxation and fun needs to become a habit.

“Product Time” is the label Bane gives for focusing on work things. It can be anything from chores, to doing research, to getting supplies, to physically doing the project we want to complete. If we dedicate 15 minutes every day, it will set our minds into rewiring itself to succeed. It really helps with overwhelming chores. Start with 15 minutes. EVERYONE has 15 minutes. And if you do it longer — BONUS! For most of us, the hard part is simply starting at all.

“Self-Care” has 5 main forms: sleep, exercise, meditation, focus time, and play time. She explains what each means and the importance of it. Without self-care, there just isn’t enough of you to go around. These are important too. Get good sleep without your phone next to you. Get some amount of exercise every day. Focus on keeping your environment in order (i.e., groceries, dishes, laundry, cleaning). Lastly there is play time. Sure, some of these overlap into the 3 main habits. The point is to make all of them a habit so that your cortex can be in control more often than your limbic system. In other words, you will be more in the flow of creating your dreams than stressing and feeling anxious.

For February, the month of love, I hope you choose just one of these books to read and feel as motivated and excited for the year as I am now. Be in love with yourself enough to make your dreams come true. Believe in your power to do hard things!

All the love,

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