Killing Impostor Syndrome- The Bryan Hutchinson Way

Sitting at my computer this morning, I started reading the first draft of what I’d written during NaNoWriMo and held a Gel ink ballpoint to my jugular and told myself to end it. Just end it. My writing career, not my life. Impostor Syndrome kept telling me I’m not good enough and I’ll never be good enough. One man was responsible for pulling me away from the edge of my mental cliff. That man was Bryan L. Hutchinson.

Like mana from heaven for my inner starving artist, I see Bryan’s announcement of his new book Serious Writers Never Quit – They Find The Way and I ate every word of it. This book didn’t just speak to me, it screamed. It had to because, well, its loud in my head, and he got my attention and showed me The Way. It’s always satisfying to know other people struggle with the same thoughts and blockages I do. Bryan not only ‘gets it’, he guides us out of the mental bullshit and teaches how to not get in our own way, or be our own worst enemy.

Serious Writers Never Quit by Bryan Hutchinson

This book should be included with the purchase of any writing or editing program because it addresses the real issues, the issues that go on internally. There are books galore to help us with writing our craft, but none as eloquent that addresses self-doubt and how to overcome it. In fact, his process can be used for almost anything.

Because I am human, my inner artist will grow to starve again in the future. Now I have something nutritional to feed her. This is a book worth sharing and would make a great gift for any artist.

I give this book 10 out of 5 stars. And I will refrain from being jealous as hell that I didn’t write it myself because as Bryan teaches us, comparing is a no-no. Thank you, Bryan, for sharing yourself and your experiences, sir. You are a gift to the world.

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