I’ve been turned “on”

20181129_121908I’m turned on now. After all these years I finally understand the appeal of a marathon. I actually get it!

No, not the running kind – are you kidding? I can barely run tap water. No. What I’m referring to is the insane word marathon called National Novel Writing Month which happened in November. It’s where writers make a commitment to complete no less than 50,0000 words in 30 days. This incredible insanity is quite a rush. I couldn’t imagine doing something, rain or shine, for four to six hours every day on top of my regular routine. But I did it. Even these things called ‘word sprints’ where you set a timer and just bang on your keyboard until the signal tells you to stop. I wrote partial thoughts, but who among us has perfect form when they start anything? Those with perfect sentence structure and grammar may cast the first eraser.

The whole idea of this sounded impossible to me two months ago. But I needed to test myself. I figured 15-20 minutes here and there. Four hours between dinner and bedtime. And always between laundry, dinner, dishes, jury duty, plumbing emergencies. My internal monologue sounded like R. Lee Ermey yelling, “Drop and give me 50-words.”

We always find the time to do the things we love, don’t we? Some people love to binge watch shows and I’ve discovered I love to binge write. And yeah, I love doing it. I’m in love and I’ve been turned on.

There were so many benefits to doing this challenge. Not only do I have a draft for my next book, I met so many amazing people with the same passion, and I learned all kinds of new things. This must be one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. It also makes me want to approach more things this way. So I’m going to set another challenge in the same spirit and see where it takes me.

Since ‘sitting is the new smoking’, I think I better make my next one a 50 mile challenge for December. Can I do 50 miles on a tread mill in the next 31 days? I’ll let you know.

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