How to make 2023 NOT suck🎉🥂🍾

How to make 2023 NOT suck🎉🥂🍾


If you asked me a week ago how my year went, I would have answered, “Meh. It was whatever.” Then yesterday I did my own annual review and realized my boss was an asshole – never getting any credit for all my hard work, putting in long hours and weekends.

Y’all, I’m self-employed. The truth: I was being an ungrateful bitch. Yeah, I said it. With that in mind, what I’m about to share is not for external validation. It’s to prove a point.

Here is what I’ve actually accomplished in my “meh” year of 2022:

  • I’ve recorded over 250 videos for my YouTube channel
  • I’ve done a dozen or so private readings
  • I’ve shared 754.41 hours of free coaching time (That’s equivalent to almost nineteen 40hr weeks donated to helping others do better)
  • I’ve read 36 books
  • I’ve taken 7 more classes on mental health and wellness, and one on how to use Adobe in Design
  • I’ve put up items on Facebook marketplace, and the kicker, every item sold, and BONUS: I have less clutter.
  • I’ve written a draft of a whole-ass novel which I plan to publish in 2023.
  • Fossil and the Spawn podcast is getting a reboot and we are recording again, only this time with a producer. (Thank you, Owen Conti!) Target release 1/1/2023

It was eye opening. The only reason I was able to see it clearly was because I keep a journal and I invested time creating and reviewing my goals.

What my brain wants to do is pick each line apart with its “yeah, but…”

  • Yeah, but my novel isn’t readable, and it needs a lot of work.
  • Yeah, but FATS has been on hiatus for a year and will anyone care?
  • Yeah, but I don’t even have a thousand subs on YT
  • Yeah, but I’m not making any money
  • Yeah, but…


Why do we allow our minds to make us unhappy? The answer is because we let it.  The only way to stop the negative self-talk is to acknowledge when it happens, then force ourselves to replace it with a more positive thought. (i.e. I don’t have enough subscribers to make money now, but I will eventually.) Good things take time. Never give up. Unless it doesn’t bring us joy; THEN we should let that shit go.

For 2023, I challenge you to come off autopilot. I challenge you to take the next step toward something you want to achieve. It could be as small as blocking off 10 minutes a day to look for something you can do to make extra money for fun. It could be something as big as looking for your dream job and filling out applications. The point is humans need challenges to feel accomplished. So, if you’ve been putting in the effort and are frustrated – WELL DONE, YOU! You are on the right track. We learn by failing and grow stronger for it. It builds self-esteem and self-worth.

Now I ask you to take 15 minutes and write down all your accomplishments, big and small for this past year. Allow yourself to be proud of the list. Give yourself permission to say nice things about yourself. It’s hard to do and it takes practice.

Let me know what your goals are, and I’ll cheer you on! Let’s start a #dobetterin2023 or connect with me on Insta @amcmannauthor. @angiemcmann on YouTube.

Wishing you all a fabulous holiday and an even more fabulous New Year! 🥂🍾

All the love,


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