Hello World!

2018 has been a year of many firsts, of self-discovery, transformation and rebirth. Till now, we’ve been writing as Imara and Una of I. Singh & U. Danz, our alter egos and literary sprites. We began with alter egos to maintain privacy as we learned the ropes. Imara and Una allowed us a safe space to express ourselves, plant the seeds for our creative endeavors and make mistakes.

We’ve had amazing support and encouragement – and thanks to you – we feel its time to come clean. This is our “take our makeup off” moment. It’s time to show you the real ‘us’. Its time to take off the masks. We are Nikki Kaur Maan and Angie McMann. Bear with us as we transition all our links and sites. (See actual picture of our bare faces.)

We feel brave enough to write under our own names going forward and hope you will still love and support us.

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