Lessons from Christmas books past…

If you can believe it, I was kinda prepared for this messed up and painful year. It’s true! Writing is constant change and discomfort. When you write a book, it’s a never ending cycle of seeing your hard work destroyed and then spending all your time, money and patience rebuilding and reworking it. Characters take over and change directions, or a beta reader sees a plot problem and you watch months of your life lost as you slowly go broke. So, yeah, writing has taught me the need to be adaptable is not negotiable, its survival.

Nikki and I had taken our bumps and learned the ropes of novel writing over 7 years under pseudonyms. When we released this book, it was under our real names so we had all our skin in the game. We were now naked and vulnerable as authors. After spending most of our time and money to birth this book, we thought it was polished and ready since we spent a lot of money to have it professionally edited. And you know what? It STILL had a major type-o or two. I don’t know what was more painful: feeling like a failure or having paid other people to help fail. Eventually I decided it didn’t matter. The important lesson was to keep going. Never stop and never give up and accept other people were imperfect too.

Jingle Cells is not a best seller. But it is a reminder I can accomplish anything. It’s my hope in physical form. It’s about life going sideways and still coming out exactly as it should with a happy ending. This is for all of us who have survived the pandemic. We didn’t fail in 2020, we SURVIVED 2020! And to celebrate, I’m selling Jingle Cells for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle. And if you can find the type-o, I’ll send you another e-book title from my I. Singh & U. Danz years for free. Let’s laugh share being imperfect together.

Embrace the change, grieve and mourn the life we are all leaving behind and lets move on to bigger and better things.

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