What is Life? What's your narrative?

What is Life? What's your narrative?

What is Life? What's your narrative?What is Life? What's your narrative?What is Life? What's your narrative?

If you aren't happy with your current life story, let me help you change it!

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This series will discuss the aspects of being human as I share my experiences and lessons. And hopefully share a laugh, too.

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Like so many other authors, I've written since I was a child strictly for my own amusement. In 2011 I met my soul sister, Nikki Kaur, and together we wrote 5 e-books under the pen names I. Singh & U. Danz. Nikki introduced me to the world of Life Coaching studies and the joys of tarot. In December of 2018 we shed our pseudonyms and published our first printed version of our novel, Jingle Cells. I have continued on my author's journey with three more titles in the works and am obtaining my Masters Certification in Life Coaching to teach others how to follow their dreams and fulfill their life purpose.  

Astronumerology is the study of numbers in relations to one’s natal chart.

AstroNumerology & Tarot


Fortunate to have studied with Tania Gabrielle, I am a certified Level I AstroNumerologist. This intensive study of numbers tells us so much more, adding layers of meaning to our natal chart. The year, month, day, time and even degree of location of our birth affects who we are and our life purpose. In addition, we can analyze how your birth name and current name affect your life path. 


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